Yusuf Karakaya used ladder to flee from hotel quarantine to meet girlfriend on birthday

by amolwarankar
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Perth: Yusuf Karakaya, a 31 year old man in Australia escaped the hotel quarantine. The escapee used a ladder to flee will now serve at least one month in prison despite claiming he had a good excuse to leave.

Yusuf Karakaya returned to WA from a trip to Sydney on July 29 and was ordered to quarantine for two weeks at the Mercure Hotel in Perth. Instead, Karakaya managed to open the window of his third-floor hotel room, then walked across a roof space and made his way down.

Hours later, he returned with a ladder and used it to climb back into his room, Perth Magistrates Court heard. Karakaya repeatedly used the ladder over the next few days.

After escape, Police found Karakaya hiding in a bedroom cupboard at his girlfriend’s Medina home.He told the officers it was her birthday, and if he did not see her, he would be in trouble.

Defence lawyer Gary Rodgers said his client had tested negative to coronavirus. Karakaya pleaded guilty of failing to comply with a police order. He was sentenced to six months and one day in prison but will only have to serve one month immediately.

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