Woman accidentally sends nude bath pic to her future father-in-law

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Deccanexpress online: London : A young mum accidentally sent a naked photo of herself to her in laws and she was left feeling humiliated after this. The 27-year-old woman was sitting in the bath with her son in a travel cot next to it when she decided to take a snap of her baby boy and send it to the family WhatsApp group. The family group included her fiancé, his parents and his two brothers.

However, she didn’t notice that her fully nude body was reflected in the glass shower door and the metal drain cover. The woman who is mum-of-one, from East Sussex, sent the photo with the message “I can’t even have a bath in peace.”

She only realised her blunder after the photo had been sent and she spotted the zoomed-in view. The anonymous mum quickly deleted the snap from WhatsApp, but her future father-in-law saw it first.

She posted the tale on Facebook and said: “I had my baby a few days before the first lockdown was announced. I live with my partner and his parents as we are currently in the process of buying our first home. We also have a family group chat where we share lots of photos, especially of our son.”

“So I sent a photo innocently of our son next to me whilst I was trying to have a bath. But I didn’t realise there was a reflection in the shower glass and the little bath silver thing. A few minutes passed and I looked back at the photo and noticed the reflection in the glass,” the mum continued.

“I swiftly deleted the photo from the chat, however his dad had already viewed it, but I’ve no idea if he had seen anything. I quickly called my partner and explained what happened and asked him to check the photo had definitely been removed. Luckily he couldn’t see it,” she added.



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