US Puts India in the Category Of PAK-Syria, Advises Its Citizens to Limit the Travel

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Washington : The friendship of India-US may be creating a new dimension on international platforms, but the Trump administration has taken a strong step and advised citizens not to come to India. America has not given a clear reason for this advisory, but such advice is given only for reasons like terrorism, civil war, organized crime and epidemics. The US has set a rating of 4 for the trip to India, which is considered the worst. In this rating, America has kept countries like war-torn Syria, the center of terrorism – Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

The reason for this advisory for India is being told the rising cases of corona. It is believed that due to this, the Trump administration has advised citizens not to travel to India. American agencies believe that apart from Corona, crime and terrorism have increased in India. In this advisory, rising crime and extremism against women have also been included in the reasons for not traveling. However, the Indian Tourism and Hospitality Association (FAITH) has urged the Indian government to pressurize the US government to change the travel advisory.

Impact on Trump-Modi relationship!
Faith has said that the government should take it on priority so that the negative image being created about the country can be stopped. The organization said that at present, the tourism industry is going through a serious crisis due to the corona epidemic and soon this industry is going to resume in India. In this travel advisory released on 23 August, apart from India, terrorism affected countries like Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran and Iraq have been included. According to the organization, such a move is inconceivable despite the very good relationship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump.

The organization said that American citizens like to spend more time in India than in South Asia. Tourists from America stay in India for the longest time than other countries. While American tourists stay for 29 days, people from other countries stay for 22 days. In this advisory, there has been a warning that India can close the airport and the border of the country if the corona case increases, so avoid going there for the time being. The US State Department has specifically issued a warning not to go to the Jammu-Kashmir and India-Pakistan border.

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