‘Shut down India for few weeks, we’ll get to a normal’, says American Physician Dr. Fauci

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Deccan Express 

Washington : COVID-19’s condition in India is deteriorating. More than 4 lakh new infections are being detected in the country every day for about a week now. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is working on the global corona virus, has commented on the situation in India. He has advised a few weeks of shutdown to prevent the virus in the country. He also discussed about the state of vaccination in the country. Dr. Fauci is the chief medical adviser to the U.S. President Joe Biden administration.

‘Shut down India for few weeks, we’ll get to a normal’, says American Physician Dr. Fauci

Speaking to a newspaper, Dr. Fauci outlined three steps – immediate, medium and long-term measures to control the covid condition in the country. “People need to be vaccinated at this time,” he said. So, he said, they need to form commissions or emergency groups to get out of oxygen and other health deficiencies. He said that this commission or group will make a plan, how to get oxygen, how to get supply, how to get medicine. Dr. Fauci also advised to discuss with global health and other countries.

To make it to the middle level, he said, hospitals should be built as soon as possible. He referred to models like the Field Hospital as they do during the war. At the same time, he shared the experience of the United States and advised India to seek the help of the army.

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After this, regarding the long-term measures, Dr. Fauci said that as many people as possible need to be vaccinated. That said, first understand the immediate nature of the problem, then start with the medium level, then think about long-term measures in relation to the vaccine.

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Dr. Fauci said a lockdown is needed to prevent India from coronavirus. “You don’t need a 3-month shutdown,” he told the newspaper. You can perform a temporary shutdown to prevent transmission. “No one likes to shut down the country, but that’s when you lockdown for three months,” he said. “If you do it for a few weeks, it will have a very good effect on the condition,” he said.

– Omkar Khedekar


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