SAGE report assessed more 85000 people may die due to coronavirus in Britain

by amolwarankar
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The coronavirus in winter can be more dangerous.. A leaked document of the British government has shown Corona can take 85 thousand lives in Britain. It has already taken 41,498 people in Britain.

The British Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) in its report has assessed the worst situation in winter from corona. According to‘s report, the SAGE  said, ‘the government may have to impose restrictions  again’.

The SAGE report stated, ‘ the school may have to be closed. The purpose of this report is to prepare the country for any uncertainty ahead. However, the report also states that it is not an estimate, but an assessment of various situations.

So far 41,486 people have officially died in Britain from the coronavirus. However over 60 thousand  deaths have been recorded during the epidemic. It also notifies that only 40% of difference could be found in coronavirus cases due to government’s tracing, isolation, quarantine and social distancing regulations. The report suggests restrictions will  be imposed from November and continued till march 2021. England and Wales has recorded 47 thousand deaths.

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