Russia : Onboard woman passenger tied up after she tried to take off her clothes repeatedly

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deccanexpress online: New Delhi : A woman passenger had to be tied to her seat by airline staff after she repeatedly took off her underwear mid-flight.

According to the information given by airline staff, a 39-year-old female passenger travelling on a Russian flight had to be tied down with a rope and tape after she started walking inside the cabin as soon as the aircraft took off. She is believed to be under the influence of drugs which resulted in the mid-flight chaos.

Within 15 minutes of departure from Vladivostok, the woman passenger got up from her seat and started roaming around the cabin. As per a report by the Daily Mail, a few minutes later, the woman started taking off her clothes and putting them on again. The woman continued to do the same despite the repeated orders from the cabin crew.

The flight attendants and some of the other passengers decided to tie up the woman to her seat as the lady continued to make mischief on the flight.These was also decided after fearing for the safety and convenience of other passengers. The woman was tied with a rope to her seat to stop the woman from causing any harm to herself. She was tied to her seat for the rest of the flight.

The woman can be seen tied to her seat after her ‘erratic behavior’ in the video that has been shared widely on social media platforms.

The woman was taken for a medical examination to determine exactly how intoxicated she was, as told by the Russia’s interior ministry. As stated by the interior ministry, the woman is charged with low-level charges of ‘petty hooliganism’. The police have started an investigation into the matter.



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