PAK maiden claims – My father is a trump, used to fight mummy, viral on social media

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Lahore: A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days, in which a Pakistani woman is claiming that US President Trump is her father. The woman in the video has a weird story to tell how trump is her father.

Pakistani woman is talking to the media saying that Donald Trump is her real father and she wants to meet her father.

In the video, the woman is saying, ‘I want to make it clear in everybody’s mind that I am a daughter of Donald Trump, I am a Muslim and Britsh used to think what I am doing here. I like Islam, I like peace. Donald Trump always told my mother that you are careless, you cannot take care of my daughter. I was very sad when my parents fought. Now I want to meet my father’.

Her story also includes the meeting with Osama-bin-laden and a Lion, to get logic one needs to watch a video.

People are making fun of this girl on social media and are saying that all this is possible only in Pakistan.

These days US President Donald Trump is busy in the presidential elections to be held in November. He tied knots three times and divorced from the first two wives.

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