Oxfam Report : Rich Population creates more Carbon Emissions than Poor Population

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi: The divide in society has always prevailed. Even in causing pollution there are similar patterns such as rich have more involvement than the poor in emitting carbon. According to the report of the international NGO Oxfam, the rich people in the world have produced twice the carbon emissions compared to poor population.

It stated that the rich emitted more carbon emissions between 1990-2015. The report said that in these years 1% of the rich population have produced more than double carbon emissions as compared to 50% of the poor. Carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 60% over a period of 25 years.

The study was conducted by collecting the data from the year1990 to 2015. Oxfam has sought to impose restrictions on those rich with carbon emissions after observing the results of the study. Oxfam has decided to increase investment in public infrastructure and improve the economy in order to determine everyone’s participation in global climate change.

The report depicted, 10 % of the world’s rich population are responsible for more than half of the total global emissions. Among total carbon emissions of 15%, rich population accounts for 1 % of the total emissions. Half of the world’s population that is poor, produced only 7% of emissions.

Ellen Ehmke, an expert with Oxfam Germany, says that economies around the world run on the basis of economic growth and money sharing. Due to this facility poor people have to bear the brunt of consumption of a handful of rich people of the world.

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