Last year, every 4 minutes one person committed suicide

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New Delhi: 10 September is choosen to celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day. According to survey every 4 minutes person suicide, citing family problem to be the major reason.

Suicide cases in India are continuously increasing. Every four minutes in 2019, some person has given his or her life. Of these, 35 percent were self-employed. Most people die due to family troubles while 17% consider it more right to embrace death than to suffer illness. Suicides have increased this decade, compared to the previous decade.

Cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi have higher snoring rates. Looking at the figures, it also shows that people studying up to secondary level are more tend to commit suicides.

The number of suicides per lakh population has decreased over the last decade. In 2009, the states where the situation was very bad have seen improvement. Sikkim has 33.1 people per one lakh population, while Bihar has the lowest (0.5).

Among cities with a population of more than 10 lakhs in India, Kollam has the highest suicide rate (43.1 per lakh) followed by Asansol (37.8) in West Bengal. Among the metros, Chennai has the highest number of people who committed suicide.

One of the biggest causes of suicides in India is family feud. It is followed by drug abuse and alcohol intoxication.

According to the data for the year 2019, 35% of the suicides were self-employed. The number of housewives was 15.4% while 9.1% were employed.

Statistics show a decline in suicides of illiterate people. The number of suicides at all levels of education has decreased but the trend of suicides has increased among those studying till matriculation and higher secondary than in 2009.

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