Know Why Indian Americans Are Supporting Trump

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New York : There are a number of reasons why Indian Americans are in support of President Donald Trump in large numbers. One of these reasons is his friendship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This claim is made in a survey conducted by a party engaged in Trump’s election campaign.
According to the survey, showing Trump’s respect for Indian Americans made Trump popular. According to a survey conducted by Al Mason, co-chairman of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee and his party, the Trump administration, unlike former presidents of the country and current presidential candidate Joe Biden, stayed away from India’s internal affairs, particularly in matters like Kashmir.
Apart from this, another important reason is to clarify the role of Trump in elevating India’s status on the global stage. The survey states that it is mainly about the Trump-Modi factor. Indian-Americans believe that working closely with Trump and Modi over the next four years will help stop China on the global stage.
The survey said that Trump’s tough stand against China, trying to maintain peace rather than taking the country to war, America’s economic revival before COVID-19 and dealing with the global epidemic in a proper way, because of this, Indian-Americans are attracted to Trump.

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