It’s been 100 years no man lives on this land, know ‘here’

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Verdun: World is full mystery. There are many place on this earth which are deserted and yet unleashed and seems to be mysterious. Humans tend not to visit such places due to prevaricated stories about the place. Some may be horror tales or the tragedy to the place. Among those one place Zone Rouge totally deserted and nobody comes and goes there. It is located in the northeastern region of france. Humans used to live in this place 100 years ago, but due to an incident no viost or reside on this place. Even animals are banned from going to that place.

Zone Rouge is so dangerous that ‘Danger Zone’ boards are installed here. This has been done so that if someone comes around this place by mistake, then he will not make the mistake of going ahead by reading this board. However, this place has been kept isolated from the rest of France, so that no one can come here.

It is also known as Red Zone. It is said that before the First World War, there were a total of nine villages in this area, where people lived and their occupation was farming. However, at the time of World War, so many bombs fell on this place that the entire area was devastated, many people died and this place was not worth living as it became hazardous for human life to exist there.

The large amount of chemical-laden war material has spread in this entire area, due to which the land here has become poisonous. Not only this, life-threatening elements are also found in the water here. Since this area is very large and it was not possible to make the entire area of ​​land and water chemical-free, so the French government banned the arrival of people here.

In the year 2004, soil and water were examined here, in which a large amount of arsenic was found. Arsenic is a poisonous substance even a small amount if consumed by human, it will die in short time. The area is saturated with unexploded shells (including many gas shells), grenades, and rusty ammunition. Soils were heavily polluted by lead, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, various dangerous gases, acids, and human and animal remains. The area was also littered with ammunition depots and chemical plants.

The land, which originally covered more than 1,200 square kilometres (460 sq mi), was deemed too physically and environmentally damaged by conflict for human habitation.

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