Imran Khan fears Pakistan will suffer if put on FATF black list

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan fears that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will put Pakistan on the blacklist. This was revealed in the address to the nation given by him on Thursday night.

Khan said that if Pakistan is put on the blacklist by the FATF, the country will be subject to many restrictions. Items exported will become expensive and the country will slip into more poverty.

Khan said, “The FATF’s blacklist means that our rupee will start falling and no one can say how much it will fall. When the rupee falls, inflation will increase. Anything you export will become expensive. For example, oil, electricity, pulses etc. will all become expensive. Poverty will increase. The opposition had only one agenda and that was to blackmail me.”

Pakistan has been on the grey list of the FATF for almost three years. It was retained in the grey list at the FATF meeting held last month. FATF continues to take action against Pakistan for not taking action against terrorism. Due to this, economic losses have taken place. According to the reports, Pakistan has lost 38 billion dollars (about Rs 2,806 billion).

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