Google introduced new feature of blurring background and screening 49 people at the same time

by amolwarankar
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California : Google has come up new features in the updated version of google meet for its users. These new features include blurring the background and screening of 49 people at the same time.

Google Meet allows users to see 49 people in a meeting. This can be done via auto and tiled modes. According to 9to5 Google, users will have to manually enable the larger view, as the default view for Auto is limited to 9 people and 16 people in the tile.

Google said in a post, “With this launch, you will also be able to use the slider to adjust the number of tiles you see. When you have a weak internet connection, you can increase your chances of having a large group or reducing the number of tiles. ”

The post further stated, “Note that slider adjustments are specific to each meeting, it will be reset between every meeting and you can customize it every time. Depending on the size of your window, you may also see fewer tiles, as the available tiles will adjust to fit your screen. ”

The feature will be available to both G Suite and individual users in the coming weeks.

Inspired by Zoom’s background blur feature, Google Meet has also launched the background blur feature. This can be activated through a new icon which will appear on the lower right corner of your screen. You can enable the background to blur before or during a video call. This feature will be available for Chrome, Mac and Windows users. Chrome OS and mobile app support will be available soon.

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