Donald Trump Stuck In Controversies Before the Election, Former Model Accused Of Sexual Abuse

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Washington : A former model has alleged sexual abuse against US President Donald Trump. Ami Dorris has alleged that Trump forced her during the Open Tennis Championship 23 years ago. Trump has denied these allegations. His lawyers have claimed that this allegation has been made with the intention of tarnishing his image before the presidential election to be held on November 3. Doris says that her then-boyfriend Jason Binn introduced her to Trump.

In an interview to The Guardian, Doris alleged that Trump forcibly kissed her in the VIP box during the match and held her very tight. She said that when she tried to release, Trump strengthened his grip. When Trump forcefully kissed Amy, she bite his tongue. Trump’s lawyers have denied this charge. He says that the President never harassed or misbehaved with her. He said that if this had happened, the people present in the VIP box would have seen this. At the same time, Jason Binn, Amy’s boyfriend at that time, has not commented on this. Amy says that she was under pressure to behave normally after the incident.

Trump denied the allegations
Before Doris, in 2016, many women accused Trump of exploitation. At the same time, Trump has denied all the allegations. He has alleged that such allegations are being made to affect his election campaign. Now Trump’s lawyers have raised questions on Doris coming forward, but Doris says that she wants to be a role model for her daughters, so now she is speaking her point.

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