Donald Trump goes without mask for first campaign rally post Covid-19 treatment

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Washington : Despite being infected with Coronavirus, US President Donald Trump left for his next public rally without a mask. According to the White House doctors, Trump is healthy and his corona test is coming negative.
This was his first rally after winning the battle with COVID19, for which he left for Florida on Monday without a mask. Here his supporters were waiting for him. No one had put on a mask in the rally. At the same time, American experts are also raising questions about election meetings. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony S. Fauci said that this is the worst time for rallies.
Talking to the media, Fauci said that what is going on in America is really a big problem. He also said that test positivity is increasing in many states right now.
Dr Anthony Fauci said on Friday that the White House organized a ‘super spreader’ event, where people who attended were neither wearing masks nor following social distance rules. This caused the virus to spread rapidly in the White House.
Meanwhile, Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Sean Conley, released the President’s health report, stating that the president is not contagious to others. The second debate was quashed after Trump was found to be Coronavirus positive.
Donald Trump is rarely seen wearing a mask. People also criticize him fiercely about this. His opponent Joe Biden also made it an issue in the election. Trump was admitted to an army hospital after being found to be infected with the coronavirus. But there too, Trump suddenly went outside the hospital by car and accepted the greeting of supporters. He also became the target of critics for this.

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