Coronavirus : Final phase trials of Oxford University vaccine begin, 10 volunteers injected with dose

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Washington: The whole world have their eyes on Oxford University’s Corona vaccine. Recently it has to delay its trial process due to its safety and side effects. However, the vaccine trials are started again and it is in its final Phase. The final phase of this vaccine trial began in PGI Chandigarh. It is known that 17 institutes have been selected for the trial of this vaccine in the country. PGI, Chandigarh is one of them.

This vaccine is being developed by Serum Institute of Pune in India. The vaccine will be launched under the name Covishield. After getting the approvals from the Data Safety and Monitoring Board, New Delhi, the process of the third or final phase of human trials has started at PGI, Chandigarh from Wednesday. 10 volunteers were selected for the trial on Wednesday at the PGI. All have been tested as necessary and found fit for trial.

According to reports, the first dose of vaccine will be given to these volunteers on Thursday or Friday. The results of the first dose of the vaccine will come in 15 days and 29 days later he will be given a second dose of vaccine. It is known that more than 400 volunteers have registered for the third phase of human trials.The follow up will be taken for the 6 months.

At present, PGI has screened 10 volunteers for the trial to know about their health. The volunteers who will be given both doses will be called from time to time for follow-up and the effects on them will be studied. According to the news reports, the process of deciding the remaining volunteers and giving them the doses will be done simultaneously.

Trials includes those volunteers who are over 18 years of age, who have no corona in their family and are perfectly healthy. The PGI will be conducting trial on total 250 people for accurate results. First as a procedure of the trials full medical test will be done. Thereafter the first dose of the vaccine will be injected .

The last phase of testing was stopped by the Astrogenica team due to deteriorating health of a volunteer involved in the trial. Later the UK’s Medicines Health Regulatory Authority investigated the entire case and found the vaccine safe. After this, the last phase trial of this vaccine has been re-released.

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