Chinese Researcher Arrested in US On Charges Of Stealing Intelligence Related to Business

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Washington (US) : A Chinese scholar at the University of Virginia in the US has been arrested for stealing intelligence related to trade. Before the arrest, the accused was trying to escape to China, which he failed. He tried to take a flight to China. The accused’s name is Haizo Hu.

The US Judicial Department says that Haizo Hu is accused of obtaining information from a computer without permission. This computer was protected, which Haizo Hu not only ran without permission, but also stole intelligence related to business. The judicial department said this in a press release.

On behalf of the department it was said that ‘Haizo Hu who is doing research with the University of Virginia is a resident of China who has been arrested. He is accused of committing a federal crime. He was trying to flee to China via flight. There is a lot of tension between the US and China at the moment, relations between the two countries have deteriorated.

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