Are iconic bridges of London falling, know ‘here’

by pranjalipargaonkar
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London: Recently, many iconic bridges of London has been closed citing safety issues. The speculations are made that historic London Bridge is been broken. The two historic bridges of London have been closed. The London Bridge also known as Tower Bridge was built during the time of Queen Victoria, has been closed. It was also closed for a months earlier as the bridge because now the bridge is rusting and broken in many parts.

The closing of bridge has cause lot of problems for commuters as they can’t find any other way to commute. This bridge connects the Barnes district to Central London. People have slammed their government and praised the government of Italy for making remarkable bridges.
They have also asked government to learn from Italy how to construct a bridge. The London Bridge is a 19th century royal suspension bridge (a hanging bridge). It is 104 meters long and 32 meters wide.

Another bridge is Bascule Bridge. This bridge opens from the bottom when the ship arrives and then connects. The bridge over the River Thames was opened to the general public on 17 March 1973. This bridge made of cast iron was also attacked many times. In 1996, Irish Republican Army militants placed two bombs under the bridge, but were defused before the explosion.

Tower Bridge is the symbol of London. With its closure, the annual iconic run from Oxford to Cambridge in the River Thames will also be stopped. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised in the election that he would ease the traffic and remove the flaws in its structure. 1360 crore rupees will be needed to repair this bridge.

The issue of repairing the Hammersmith Bridge adjoining the London Bridge is also gaining momentum. In 2018, a similar bridge fell in Genoa, Italy. 43 people were killed. On this, the Italian community protested for the reconstruction of the bridge. The government despite battling the Corona epidemic, completed its construction only last month inspiring people of london for similar protest.

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