After 6 months of coronavirus recovery, a woman still can’t walk or do physical work

by amolwarankar
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Britain: A Six months after being infected by the corona virus, a woman is still not able to walk properly or work. The 33-year-old woman used to be fit and healthy before being corona positive.

Jess Marchbanks hails from the UK, is a nurse by profession and is also the mother of two children. She was infected early in the pandemic.

In March, after being in the hospital for only 3 days, she was allowed to go home. Jess has not been able to recover completely despite being at home since March. She warns people about the long-term effects of Corona.

She said- ‘I really can’t feel that I am living because of the fatigue. I physically cannot do anything and have trouble breathing.
Explain that expert doctors from all over the world are not able to understand properly how adversely it can affect people in long run. Currently Jess is meeting a cardiologist and she is being monitored.

However, Jess is not the only one who has been ill for several months with the corona virus. A study in Britain has revealed that there are thousands of people in whom symptoms of corona virus were present for more than three months. However, on the whole, so far experts have been able to pay less attention to such patients, because most of the research is being done about saving lives and vaccine from Corona.

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