Vaccination for journalists: Where’s the aid Uddhav Thackeray promised to journalists?

by omkar123
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Deccan Express

Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis has demanded that all journalists, photographers and cameramen in the state be declared frontline workers and given priority in vaccination. After that, now the state’s social justice minister Dhananjay Munde has made a demand to the chief minister. Therefore, many journalists in the state are asking the question whether the Chief Minister will take a decision about their or not!

Journalists from the state and news channels are covering the Corona crisis at the risk of their lives. In a letter, Munde demanded that all these media representatives be given the status of front line workers and be vaccinated as a matter of priority. Meanwhile, Fadnavis, in a letter to the Chief Minister, said that journalists from the media and audio-visual media have been declared as frontline workers in about 12 states of the country. Unfortunately, this decision has not yet been made in Maharashtra. The number of journalists died by the coronavirus is huge. As such, it is our duty to take care of their safety and survival. The letter said that if they were declared frontline workers, they would be given priority in automatic vaccination. Also, 2 days ago, journalists in the state had launched an online agitation for this demand. In particular, journalists on social media have repeatedly called on the government to take a decision in this regard. However, no decision was taken in the cabinet meeting held yesterday. Therefore, the question has raised about when will Thackeray government take decision about the health of journalists.

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