Supreme Court Refuses to Conduct the Muharram Procession With People

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New Delhi : The Supreme Court has not given permission to conduct the Muharram procession with 5 people for now. The petitioner demands that in the Corona crisis, full attention will be taken of the government guidelines, in which only 5 people will be included.

At the same time, the Supreme Court told the petitioner that the Muharram procession will take place all over the country, so it is necessary to listen to the approval or favor of every state government. The court said that in its petition, they should also make the 28 state governments a litigant, after which the hearing will be held.

The petitioner told the Supreme Court that the Muharram procession takes place every year, on which the Supreme Court said that Corona does not happen every year, the next hearing in the Supreme Court will be on Monday.

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