ST employees allege stale food served to them in Mumbai

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Mumbai : As the local in Mumbai is not yet open to all, all stress was on BEST. In order to help BEST, ST buses from various districts of the state, along with some ST employees from those areas are also present to provide services in Mumbai. The ST administration has been claiming for the last several days that these ST employees who came to Mumbai have been provided with good accommodation and meals. Anyway, the ST employees had to sleep in the open a few days ago. The video has also gone viral on social media saying that the quality of meals provided to ST employees is also of low quality.
Mumbai local service was shut down due to the outbreak of coronavirus. BEST service was allowed to start in the unlock process. But, with the local service closed, there was a complete strain on the BEST service. Therefore, some buses from major ST bus depots in the states have been diverted to Mumbai. Along with all these buses, ST employees have also arrived in Mumbai. The ST administration is constantly claiming that the facilities for these employees have been improved. But, the video that went viral regarding the meals being served to ST employees on social media is raising questions regarding the claims of the ST administration.
It is being said on social media that this video is from Kurla in Mumbai. This is a video from two days ago. The employees present in the video are saying that the rice served to the employees for dinner is stale. The employees have claimed that the rice is stale and smells bad. We’ll fall sick by eating such food.
ST workers are doing their duty even during the Corona crisis. There is intense anger among the employees as those who are in financial straits are not getting proper meals due to non-payment within three months.

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