No need to stand in line to withdraw cash from ATM, SBI came up solution-know ‘here’

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New Delhi: There have been several times, when one has to stand in long queue just to avail the ATM services as it is most of the time crowded. This has been the case with Sate Bank of India (SBI)ATM as well. However, SBI to provide a efficient services it is providing a service in which one do not require to wait it long queue and waste time

SBI started Automated Deposit and Withdrawal Machine (ADWM) through which one can awithdraw cash. One can withdraw money from ADWM just like an ATM.

The bank has tweeted,- Why stand in ATM queue when you have ADWM to your rescue? Use our ADWM and withdraw cash quickly.

The bank has also shared a short video with this tweet. This video states, “This is SBI’s ADWM. All of us have used this machine to deposit money, But do you know that you can also withdraw cash from these machines? SBI has deployed more than 13,000 ADWMs across the country. Next time if you want to withdraw cash from ATM, keep in mind that you can do this through ADWM as well.

This is how you can withdraw cash from SBI’s ADWM

1. Take a debit card to SBI ADWM in your area.

2. Insert your debit card in ADWM. Select banking from the available options.

3. Choose the language of your choice and press the ‘Next’ button.

4. Enter the PIN number of your ATM.

5. Now choose cash withdrawal option.

6. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw.

7. After this you will get cash from the machine.

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