Engineering to be taught in 8 locals languages including Marathi & Hindi

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Deccan Express

New Delhi: Engineering education will now be available in all other languages ​​including Marathi & Hindi. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has now allowed this education in eight Indian languages, including Hindi, from the new academic session. In the future, AICTE plans to teach it in about 11 Indian languages. Meanwhile, the seven other Indian languages ​​that have been approved for teaching are Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada and Malayalam.

AICTE has made its debut at a time when, in many countries of the world, including Germany, Russia, France, Japan and China, full education is being imparted in local languages. The recent new national education policy in the country has also emphasized on education in local Indian languages.

The government says that by learning local languages, children can easily learn all the subjects. So teaching in English or another language causes them difficulties. This initiative will be of great benefit to children in rural and tribal areas, as they are currently lagging behind as the education is in English.

According to Professor Anil Sahasrabudhe, so far 14 engineering colleges have sought permission to teach in five local languages, including Hindi, where we are going to start. Curriculum has been developed in all these languages. First year course will be prepared priorly. He said that the demand for engineering education in Hindi had been made by some institutions for the last several years.

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