Diabetes in Children: Scientists alarmed by COVID’s diabetes link, particularly in children

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The corona virus is not only deadly to people with diabetes but also causes many people to have diabetes. Ziad al-Ali, director of the Clinical Epidemiology Centre at the St. Louis Health Care System in the U.S. Veterans Affairs, said it was initially difficult to believe that covid could be caused by covid. Can cause damage. Lockdowns from the Corona period have changed people’s lifestyles. According to scientists, even though some children have mild symptoms of the corona virus, they can develop diabetes faster.

Metabolic problems sometimes require high doses of insulin. This can lead to the development of diabetes in a person. According to research, swelling was found in many of the people who had previously struggled with diabetes.

Al-Ali and his team found for the first time, based on the findings of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Health Care Database, that people who recovered from covid were nearly 39% more likely to develop diabetes within six months than those who survived covid infection. About 6 out of every 1,000 covid patients are at risk of developing diabetes.

Al-Eli’s data was published in Nature last month. In it, he conducted a three-week study of 50,000 patients infected with covid in a hospital in England. It found a 50% higher chance of developing diabetes in those patients approximately 20 weeks after discharge.

“We see the threat of conflict with two epidemics,” said Francesco Rubino, head of metabolic and bariatric surgery at King’s College London. Researchers have discovered factors that can increase the risk of covid diabetes.

According to John Nichols, a clinical professor of pathology at the University of Hong Kong, there are a number of causes for diabetes in covid patients – acute stress response to infection, excessive use of steroids that raise blood sugar levels, or just those cases of diabetes that have not occurred before.

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