After Sangli, strict curbs in Kolhapur for 10 days

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Deccan Express 

Kolhapur : The second phase of COVID-19 pandemic has created a dire situation in the country. It has become critical as the number of patients is increasing day by day. Therefore, the decision of lockdown is being taken at the district level. Following Sangli, a 10-day strict lockdown has been declared in Kolhapur. Kolhapur Foster Minister Satej Patil has informed that strict lockdown will be implemented in the district from noon on Wednesday (Dec. 5).

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The state currently has a lockdown until May 15. After that, strict lockdown is being imposed at the district level. The spread of corona is increasing rapidly in Sangli district. Therefore, Foster Minister Jayant Patil has announced a strict lockdown of 8 days in the district. The district has decided to hold an 8-day lockdown from midnight of May 5. Patil said that lockdown was the only option to bring the situation in the district under control. We all want to overcome Corona with your help. Therefore, Patil has appealed to stay at home and stay safe.


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