“Return Rs 50,000 Spent On Dating”, Matter Reached High Court When Couple Had Post-Breakup Dispute

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Surat : It is said that there is no such thing as free food. The same thing has happened in Mehsana, Gujarat. According to a young man, there is no such thing as free coffee or gifts, he says. This young man had a breakup. As a result, the young man began to demand money from his girlfriend he spent on dating and other outings. When his girlfriend refused to do this, he started abusing her. Troubled with this, his girlfriend filed a case against him. Now the case has reached the High Court.

The case is of a couple from Surat. The 27-year-old boy and the 21-year-old girl were introduced on social media two years ago. Both are residents of Mehsana. They also belong to the same community. Both were in love with each other. Their relationship started in April 2018. Their love affair ended in February 2020.

At a special event, the young man asked his girlfriend to accompany him. However, she refused, saying that she had to study for an exam. The offended boyfriend ended the relationship by arguing with her. The girl had rushed to the police station in March and lodged a case against her boyfriend.

It is alleged in the complaint that the boyfriend started demanding Rs 50,000 back from her after their breakup. The young man had spent this money on her for outing, on dates, and meals. However she refused to pay the money saying that she did not have that much money as she is still a student. On this, the boyfriend called her and started abusing and threatening her. The girl then blocked his number.

A few days later, she received a threatening message. It said he would post her photos on social media if she would not return the money. After this, the young woman kept her phone off. After that, the boyfriend demanded Rs 60,000 from her.

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