Government passed order to castrated 200 monkey in Thailand

by amolwarankar
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Songkhla: More than 200 macaque monkeys have been castrated in Thailand after terrifying residents and raiding homes for food during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the report, the Wildlife Department locked up 200 monkeys who harassed people for food. After locking them up, their private parts were cut off. This has been done so that monkeys do not increase in the numbers. Along with this, a sign has been applied to these monkeys so that if any such problem comes back in future, then they can be identified.

The strange decision was taken by Thailand government after a panic that was created in the city of Songkhla. This has been done so that by reducing the fertility rate of the monkeys , their terror can be stopped.

According to a report in which Tale Wildlife Conservation officer Suwat Suksiri stated that we had to have monkeys neutered because the residents said the more wild monkey population means the more problems and conflicts could happen between them.

Officials there were seeking to neuter around 500 of the 6,000 animals after they terrorised locals and invaded shops.  People had sought to appease them with junk food, but the sugary diet turned them sex-crazed and they were breeding faster than ever.

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