No more third-party cookies in Google Chrome now

by sajada123
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The users will get a safe browsing experience sans cookies

NEW DELHI: The Internet giant Google had recently stated that it will stop the use of third-party cookies in chrome and will not keep an eye on internet browsing.

The company said that protecting the privacy of people is their motive.
Google will not generate any technique to identify the people who are browsing through chrome.

Google declared last year in January that they will release their browser chrome from the third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are the small codes that are used for recording the browsing of the user for the advertisement on the websites. Based on which the user’s interest is being recorded according to which advertisements are shown on their screens.

In a blog post, Google stated that third party cookies collect the data which is spread into thousands of companies because of which people’s faith has vanished.

According to the information, people believe that their data is being stored somewhere and is used by It companies, scientists, and other companies.

Google is now removing third-party cookies in order to work on the safety of the users.

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