‘You took the first step towards becoming the Prime Minister’, Gopichand Padalkar writes to CM Thackeray

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Deccan Express

BJP MLA Gopichand Padalkar has written a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Padalkar has mentioned many points in the letter. So he has raised some questions about his political role. On the other hand, Uddhav Thackeray has recently taken the first step towards becoming the Prime Minister by writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, due to political compromise, there is a danger that in future he will be included in the leaders known as ‘Pakdharjina’, said Padalkar.

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In a letter, Padalkar introduced national politics under the leadership of caretaker Congress president Sonia Gandhi. First of all, congratulations on this. “Sanjay Raut has always wanted to see you as the Prime Minister and has taken the first step towards fulfilling his aspirations,” Padalkar said. Padalkar has written a letter to Chief Minister Thackeray asking him about the 12 leaders who have given this letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. In connection with the issues which you have raised in your letter to the Prime Minister, I am raising this questions regarding Maharashtra today, Gopichand Padalkar said.

The letter also demanded that the construction of the Central Vista project, which is to be set up in Delhi, including the Prime Minister’s new residence, be stopped immediately and that the money be used to buy oxygen and corona vaccines. However, Uddhavji … So are you going to stop the tower MLA housing project being constructed in front of the Ministry at a cost of Rs. 900 and use the funds for the purchase of oxygen and corona vaccine? If that is done, Maharashtra will appreciate it. Earlier this project was Rs.600 but now it has been increased to Rs.900. During the Fadnavis government, the contract was awarded to a state-owned company. It was taken away during your tenure and is being given to a private company, why? And for whom? Padalkar asked.

You are the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which is in the possession of Shiv Sena, has issued a tender for the purchase of 50 lakh vaccines for Mumbai. If the savings of Rs 79 crore had been used for citizens at the time, wouldn’t the entire state have been vaccinated? Why don’t you announce that besides Mumbai, there will be immediate supply of vaccines in small towns and rural areas of the state? Who will give you oxygen to the collapsed rural economy from the front page of the match? Also, in a letter to Modi, we demanded immediate release of funds from the PM Fund and other unaccounted funds (meaning what is not known) for the purchase of vaccines, oxygen and medical equipment.

So, while making this demand, if you declare that all the money in the Chief Minister’s Assistance Fund is being paid for the Corona fight, the people of the state will appreciate that there is no difference in your words and deeds. Also, we have demanded Modi to give free food grains to the needy and Rs 6,000 a month to the unemployed. At the same time, will you give an account and list of how much of the Rs. Are you going to cancel the contract to supply food to the tribal instead of money to benefit the suppliers? In the meantime, we have written a letter to Prime Minister Modi to repeal the Farmers Act and in doing so, the farmers will be working to meet the food needs of Indians. However, i not really understood. What has it got to do with repealing the Farmer Act and farmers growing food? MLA Gopichand Padalkar has asked many such questions in a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

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