Maharashtra government considering stopping flight, rail services to Delhi

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Mumbai: With the rapid surge in the covid-19 positive cases in the national capital, the state government is considering to stop the travel between Delhi and different parts of Maharashtra.

If the decision gets a final approval, both trains and flights will cease to be operational until the situation gets better. As of now, Delhi alone is reporting more than 7000 covid-19 positive cases on a daily basis and the situation has been same for more than a week now.

The Government officials, however are unsure if they will be able to make this decision as it doesn’t comply with Centre’s latest “unlock” guidelines, issued on September 30. The guidelines stated that inter-state movement cannot be restricted. Maharashtra would also need the central government’s approval for such a move.

Maharashtra chief secretary Sanjay Kumar said, “We have been constantly reviewing the situation. In the wake of the high surge in Covid-19 cases in Delhi, we need to take precautionary measures to ensure that Maharashtra is not affected. There are very limited train and flight services currently operating between Delhi, and Mumbai and other Maharashtra cities. The decision to either curtail the number of services or stop them entirely will be taken in due course.”

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