Kolhapur Crime News | Kolhapur court awards death to mother’s killer

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Deccan Express |  The murder case in which a man had brutally killed his mother has been disposed of. A Kolhapur court awarded the death sentence to the man who had killed his mother for refusing to give him money for liquor. The killer had tried to eat his dead mother’s heart by roasting it. This is the first such case in the district.

The culprit, Sunil Rama Kuchikorvi, had murdered his mother in 2017. He has been sentenced after four years in the case. Final hearing of the case was conducted before the District and Sessions Court of Justice Mahesh Jadhav. The court held him guilty and awarded death sentence to him.

The court said that it was the rarest of rare cases. Hence, it awarded the death sentence. Citizens of Kolhapur expressed satisfaction over the sentence.

Details of the case

The guilty had ruthlessly killed his mother Yallava Kuchikorvi (62) at the Makadwala colony on August 28, 2017. He had become a liquor addict. He had demanded money from his mother to buy liquor. She refused to give him money. Enraged Sunil then assaulted her with a knife and killed her.

He did not stop at that. He mutilated her body parts and stored them in the fridge. He tried to roast some of the parts when the police arrived at the spot and arrested him.

Pune Police News | Hidden cameras in lady doctor’s bathroom and bedroom, case registered

Bharti Vidyapeeth Police have booked an unidentified person for allegedly installing cameras in the bedroom and bathroom of lady doctor’s quarter in city-based well-known hospital police said.

According to police, the incident took place in a medical college and hospital-based in Pune recently. Based on a complaint lodged by the 31-year-old doctor police have booked unidentified persons on molestation charges.

The incident came to light when the lady doctor returned home from her job on Wednesday. She left the quarter on the day at 8.45 am when she returned she spotted cameras were installed in her bedroom and bathroom. according to the complaint someone might have opened the door with a duplicate key and installed the cameras…read this full article here



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