Woman from Pune becomes the first to complete everesting

by Team Deccan Express
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deccanexpress online : A 49-year old Maithili Jog has done the city proud by becoming the first woman in the country who has completed Everesting on cycle last week. She has performed this activity at a stretch of 47 hours non-stop in the ghats surrounding the city.

Maithili Jog, a passionate ultracyclist and an academician by profession, is the first Indian woman to have successfully completed Everesting on cycle.

Everesting is a concept about picking up any hill, anywhere in the world and complete repeats of it in a single activity until you climb 8,848m – the equivalent height of Mt Everest. Complete the challenge on a bike, on foot, or online. One activity, no time limit, no sleep.

Santosh Pawar and Vishal Pawar, stalwarts from the field of cycling and mentors of Team Axis, have been the guiding force behind Maithili. She could take up all the challenges under their expert guidance.

Speaking about the same, Maithili Jog said, “The seeds of this idea were sown by my instructors and we started with planning of the route, motivating the team members and we started with practice sessions of ghat climbs on weekends. The half everesting challenge was difficult but boosted my confidence and I decided to take up the next challenge of Full Everesting, attaining 8848 m elevation gain.”

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