Suresh Raina may return TO CSK and Play IPL 13th season

by amolwarankar
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Mumbai: Raina decided to withdraw from the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League for personal reasons. Raina returned to India from UAE last week. Suresh Raina has also made it clear that there has been no dispute between him and CSK. Raina on the remarks of CSK owner N Srinivasan that a father can scold his son. However, Suresh Raina has made it clear in an interview that he has returned to India worrying about his wife and children.

Suresh Raina said, ‘It was my personal decision and came back because of my family. It was something I had to be there for my family. CSK is also my family and Mahi Bhai (M.S. Dhoni) is everything to me. So it was a tough decision, which I had to take. There is no dispute between me and CSK. Nobody can give up 12 and a half crores without any solid reason. I have done international cricket. I have retired  but I am still young and can play IPL for 4-5 years’.


Further Raina, referring to Srinivasan’s comment, said, ‘he always stood by me and  very close to my heart. He treats me like a little son and scolds like a father.  They were unaware about my reasons, now I have spoken to them’. Also on returning to CSK, Suresh Raina has said, ‘I am training here even while I am in Quarantine. You never know if you can see me again at the camp there.’

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