Subway work at Daund railway station leads to cancellation of 25 trains

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Pune : Deccan Express  – Because of the summer vacations, the number of people travelling to other cities and towns has increased. An important information for rail passengers has been made available. Because of the subway work at Daund railway station, between May 13 to 29, 25 trains have been cancelled. Hence, passengers will be inconvenienced because trains will be cancelled for 17 days.


List of cancelled trains


Pandharpur-Dadar Express


Solapur-Pune Demu


Mumbai-Pandharpur Express


Pune-Daund Demu


Daund-Baramati Demu


Daund-Pune Demu


Daund-Pune Shuttle


Baramati-Pune Demu


Pune-Baramati Demu


Solapur-Pune Hutatma Express


Pune-Solapur Hutatma Express


Pune-Solapur Demu


Pune-Bhusaval Special


Baramati-Daund Demu


Bhusaval-Pune Special


Daund-Baramati Demu


Pune-Nizamabad Demu


Pune-Daund Demu




Nizamabad-Pune Demu


Baramati-Daund Passenger


Nizamabad-Pandharpur Demu


Pandharpur-Nizamabad Demu


These trains will run up to halfway mark


Indore Daund Express: Pune station


Daund Gwalior Express Pune station


Hyderabad Hadapsar Express: Barshi Town


Bengaluru Mumbai Udyan Express: Solapur station


Nanded Panvel Express: Kurduwadi station


These trains will depart at the scheduled time


Daund Indore Express


Gwalior Daund Express


Hadapsar Hyderabad Express (From Barshi Town station)


Mumbai Bengaluru Udyan Express (From Solapur station)


Panvel Nanded Express (From Kurduwadi station)

Web Title : Subway work at Daund railway station leads to cancellation of 25 trains

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