Student dies after being struck by 400-volt power electric shock

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Deccan Express

A schoolboy has died after being struck by a 400-volt power line that had broken in a field due to heavy rains. The incident took place at Rukdi (Tal. Hatkanangle) on Tuesday (Dec. 18) afternoon. The extremely poor family in the village is being affected by such an attack.

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Sanskar Vikram Gaikwad (age 16, resident of Rukdi) is the name of the boy who died due to electric shock.

According to the information received, everyone is at home due to strict lockdown in the area including Rukdi. Therefore, Sanskar had gone to Sheetal Bhokare’s field on Tuesday afternoon to fetch fodder for the animals. Meanwhile, a 400-volt power line in a sugarcane field was damaged due to heavy rains two days ago. He died on the spot after the vessel touched his head while removing fodder.

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