Pune: Traffic diversions at Wanawadi Bazaar Y-junction till November 30

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Pune: The Wanawadi traffic division has issued a notification informing citizens about the traffic diversions to be implemented from November 21 to 30 on an experimental basis. The changes in traffic are being made in order to facilitate the road repair and maintenance work between Wanawadi Bazaar Y-junction and Mammadevi chowk.

The road repairing work is being done by the Garrison Engineering department of the Indian Armed Forces. The road from Wanawadi Bazaar Y-junction to Mammadevi chowk will be closed till November 30.

The traffic diversions will be as follows:

• Motorists heading towards Wanawadi from Mammadevi chowk
Drive straight from Mammadevi chowk to Bhairobanala Chowk, turn right towards Prince of Wales Drive and head towards Wanawadi Bazaar.

• Motorists heading towards Mammadevi chowk from Wanawadi
From Prince of Wales Drive road, head towards Bhairoba Nala chowk and turn left towards Mammadevi chowk

• Motorists heading towards Solapur Bazaar chowk from Khatav Bungalow
From Khatav Bungalow, head towards CDO chowk, then Golibar Maidan, then turn right at Khanya Maruti chowk and head straight towards the Pune-Solapur highway

• For motorists heading towards Command Hospital
Take the road behind Wanawadi Bazaar police chowky and head straight towards Command Hospital, enter the hospital from the backend gate

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