Pune: Today 921 COVID-19 Patients Discharged, 588 New Patients Reported

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Deccan Express

The second wave of corona in Pune saw a huge increase in patients. The last few days have seen a significant decline in the number of corona patients in Pune city and district. It is a great relief that the number of patients recovering is higher than the number of new patients. The number of active patients has decreased as patients recover. This has reduced the stress on the health system. In the last 24 hours, 588 new patients have been identified Covid positive in Pune city.

The number of corona patients in Pune has reached 4 lakh 68 thousand 129 so far. In Pune city, 33 patients have died in a day. Of these, 22 patients are from the city and 11 patients are from outside the city. So far, 8,148 people have died from the corona. Meanwhile, 921 people have been released after receiving negative reports. To date, 4 lakh 51 thousand 991 patients have been Covid free.

During the day, 8,193 swab inspections were carried out at various centers in the city. So far 24 lakh 68 thousand 709 laboratory tests have been conducted in the city. The number of active patients in the city is 7 thousand 990. Of these, 996 patients are critical. The health department of Pune Municipal Corporation has informed that 1862 patients are undergoing treatment on oxygen.

Out of the total 10 lakh 3 thousand 329 patients affected by Corona in Pune district, 9 lakh 51 thousand 718 patients have recovered and gone home. The active patient is 35 thousand 231. A total of 16,380 patients with coronavirus have died. The mortality rate is 1.63 per cent and the recovery rate is 94.86 per cent.

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