Pune: Teen Invents Sanitiser Kit For Sterilising Groceries, Gets Patent

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Pune : Std IX student, Aditya Pachpande, resident of Chinchwad, Pune of Indus International School has designed a ‘Suraksha kit’. He has also received a patent because of its application of UV-C rays for protection against Coronavirus.

As told by Aditya, his role model is Elon Musk. Like the business magnate and chief designer of SpaceX, Aditya has set his sights on doing multiple things.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute has now given a letter to Aditya, stating that the product, a sanitiser box, can be recommended for UV-C sterilisation purpose. Aditya, who has been distributing the sanitiser box free of cost at vegetable markets in Mumbai’s Dadar, said that this box solves one of the biggest problems that everyone faces, of disinfecting vegetables or the products on which neither soap nor alcohol-based sanitisers cannot be used.

“This idea came up during the pandemic… as to how to sterilise vegetables. So, I did my own research using aluminum and how it can be used in a controlled environment, using potassium permanganate and exposing to sunlight, and eventually came up with the sanitiser box,” said Aditya while talking to a leading newspaper.

After the evaluation report from CSIR-CMERI, he plans to make 1,000 more such boxes and distribute them to the poor and needy.

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