Pune | Restaurant manager, 15 others beat up customers at Hotel Spice Garden in Kothrud

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Pune : deccan express –  A man and his friends were beaten up by the manager and staff at a restaurant in Kothrud area. They were celebrating a birthday party at the restaurant. The 36-year-old man, who had organised the party to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, lodged a complaint in this regard at the Kothrud police station.


The police have registered an offence against manager Vinay Shetty, captain Dayanand, Sachin and 13 other staff members of Hotel Spice.

The incident took place at Hotel Spice in Kishkindha Nagar at around 11.45 pm on December 25.


According to the police, the complainant was celebrating his daughter’s birthday at Hotel Spice. Following the birthday celebrations, guests left the place. The complainant and his friends were having dinner. Manager Shetty came there and taunted the man saying, “It is too late. When would these people finish dinner? Would they really pay?”


The complainant paid the bill after finishing the meal. However, Shetty, Dayanand, Sachin and others started beating him and his two friends up as the bill amount was not transferred. They drove the complainant and his friends out.


An offence has been registered. PSI Rathod is investigating further.


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