Pune: Police lady constable suspended for physically assaulting complainant girl

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Pune: Police lady constable allegedly physically assaulted a girl who had arrived at the police station to lodge a complaint. The incident took place at the Bibwewadi police station. The woman police personnel was also suspended earlier in her tenure.

Pune police lady constable who has been suspended has been identified as Jyoti Kutwal (Badge Number 8081). She was deputed at the Bibwewadi police station for duty. She was posted at the ‘Service Excellence and Victim Assistance’ (SEVA) department two days before. At that time, a girl accompanied by her mother had approached the SEVA department about a missing complaint. The girl and her mother were asking about the missing complaint status. They were also sharing a suspected number with the lady cop.

Kutwal, however, refused to entertain the girl-mother duo. Kutwal allegedly tried to send the complainant back home saying that, “Your mother knows everything. You are hiding information. Today is Sunday, so you come tomorrow.”

The complainant refused to back off and instead asked for the number of the police officer who was supposedly investigating the missing complaint case. Furious over this, Kutwal allegedly started verbally abusing the girl complainant and later also physically assaulted her. The girl’s mother also tried to intervene and stop Kutwal, but she assaulted the girl’s mother too. The entire incident has been captured in the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras inside the police station.

CCTV footage evidence

The complainant girl later filed a complaint about this assault. An inquiry was conducted by senior police officials. Based on the evidence of CCTV footage, senior police officials decided to take action against Kutwal. Based on this, Deputy Commissioner of Police Suhas Bavache has suspended Jyoti Kutwal from the office.

Kutwal was suspended from service earlier in her tenure too. She had allegedly abused her senior officers at that time and hence action was taken against her.

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