Pune PMC Encroachment Drive | Conducting panchnama of seized goods during anti-encroachment drive is not possible, says Madhav Jagtap

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Pune : Deccanexpress – Pune PMC Encroachment Drive | It is not possible to conduct a panchnama after seizure of goods during an anti-encroachment action as the seized goods are stored in a godown, where thefts take place. Security guards deployed there are beaten up. However, the owners of such goods do not file complaints too. Hence, lodging a police complaint is ruled out in such cases. This has been claimed by Anti-Encroachment Department Head Madhav Jagtap.


He revealed that the seized goods are stored in 13 godowns in the city. They need more space, for which they have requested the Estate Department.


The Anti-Encroachment Department is currently carrying out drives in full swing in the city. It continues to act against encroachments at night also as per a Supreme Court (SC) order. The SC directive states that hawkers, hand-cart owners cannot leave behind their belongings at night. They have to free roads and footpaths at night. Japtap said action at night is taken on the basis of this SC order.


Panchnama is not possible

When asked whether a panchnama is conducted of the goods seized during anti-encroachment action, Jagtap said it is not possible. A panchnama is impossible to conduct as the owners against whom action is taken often resist the action and argue with civic staff. Hence, they film the entire action. Some owners take away their belongings after paying a fine.


However, when asked if they face any difficulty in returned the goods to their owners in the absence of a panchnama, he said owners identify their hand-carts, stalls. They tried to find a way out by tagging the seized goods. However, it did not succeed.


Space is falling short

There are 14 godowns, where the seized goods are stored in the city. These godowns are jam-packed due to the current drive. They have sought two more spaces belonging to the PMC from the Estate Department. A space has to be spread over an acre, only then it is possible to store the seized good.


CCTV cameras installed

Thefts occur at the godowns, where the seized goods are kept. A fire took place at one such godown in Hadapsar, where the seized goods were gutted in the fire. Later, a decision was made to install CCTV cameras at the godowns. Ten godowns have CCTV cameras.


The PMC recovers a fine of Rs 5,000 for returning a seized hand-card and Rs 10,000 for a stall.

Web Title : Conducting panchnama of seized goods during anti-encroachment drive is not possible, says Madhav Jagtap


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