Pune News | Only two corporators from 23 merged villages in PMC

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Pune : Deccan Express Pune News | There are many aspirants for the corporator’s post from the 23 recently merged villages in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). However, the impending civic polls will be conducted based on the 2011 census. Hence, only two corporators will be elected from these villages to the municipal corporation.

The state has issued a notification to merge these 23 villages in the PMC limits. The development plan of these villages will be prepared by the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA). At present, the PMC’s solid waste management, water supply, electricity, and property tax departments are working in these villages. It is being discussed as to which political party would benefit after the villages have been merged in the PMC. The BJP and NCP have appointed a corporator each for these villages for establishing contact with people and building their party organization. Moreover, former and sitting people’s representatives from these villages have also been contacted.

Many aspirants have started preparing for the civic polls in these villages. At present, the collective population of these villages is five lakh. It was said that the number of corporators would be in proportion with the current population. This could also affect power calculations in the PMC. However, this would not happen for now.

According to the amended Bombay Provincial Municipal Act 2016, the number of corporators is fixed at 161 for a population of 30 lakh. Every one lakh additional population after this gets one corporator. Pune’s population as per Census 2011 was 31 lakh. Hence, 162 posts of corporators were created as per the population. In 2017, 11 villages were merged in the PMC. Their population was 1.5 lakh. Hence, two corporators were elected from these villages. Thus, there are 164 corporators in the PMC.

1.90 population of 23 villages

According to Census 2011, the total population of 23 merged villages is 1.90 lakh. The amended Act says that one corporator can be added for every one lakh population beyond 30 lakh. Therefore, two corporators will be elected to the civic body from these villages.

No instructions about ward formation

Ajit Deshmukh has been appointed as the officer of the election section in the PMC. New wards will be formed in the city as per the directives of the election commission. The election commission has still not issued any instructions about the impending civic polls. Hence, no decision can be made as yet, said Deshmukh.

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