Pune : Nal Stop flyover work on Karve Road to begin soon

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Nal Stop flyover

Pune: In Pune city metro construction has taken a lot time, but now the construction of metro viaduct at the busy Nal stop junction on Karve road is completed and now the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited will work on the double decker flyover soon.

Mahametro said that work on the flyover was to begin in September only but it got delayed because the workers are busy at other sites. The work has been started after two years of its announcement. The viaduct forms the top tier of the flyover and the vehicular traffic will move on the second tier.

The flyover’s construction aim is to reduce traffic on the busy junction. Pune municip[al corporation will be handling all the expenses of the project whereas mahametro will be executing the project. Mahametro said that on Karve Road they have made allowances for flyovers to ‘take off’ and ‘land’. Their main goal will be to ensure minimum traffic.

A proper plan would be constructed by the officials to divert traffic towards Nal stop so that work would not get affected. Mahametro officials said we have some time before the construction work reaches the junction.we will consult the stakeholders and prepare a traffic diversion plan.

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