Pune: Municipal Corporation to survey vacant properties; lease out them to prevent encroachment

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Pune Municipal Corporation

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation owns several thousand properties in the city limits and has made a decision to survey all of them, especially the vacant ones. The same is being done to generate revenue by further leasing these properties and developing with the help of private partners.

The civic body owns thousands of properties which fell under various reservations and amenity schemes. Now, it has been difficult to maintain these properties.

There is a total of 1 crore square feet of amenity space with the PMC. The civic body has not been able to develop it due to lack of funds and the plots have remained vacant for a long time. This leads to encroachment and the plots are often misused as dumping grounds.

Due to the meddling of local leaders, some of the prime properties are getting misused. PMC is not getting any revenue from these properties and hence this decision has been taken.

PMC standing committee chairman Hemant Rasne said, “I have instructed the estate department to check the present status of all the properties owned by the municipal corporation. There are complaints that at many places the PMC properties which are vacant have been encroached.”

There is a plan to bring a new proposal and very soon to rent out some of the properties. It would help to get good revenue for the municipal corporation and ideally be a win-win situation for both the civic body and the citizens.

By leasing out these properties, PMC would get more revenue and properties would be saved from encroachments

However, civic activists have protested this plan, pointing out that amenity spaces are meant to develop civic facilities for local residents and handing these over to private developers will be against this very objective.

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