‘Pune Metro will be held responsible if floods occur during the monsoons’, says Dept. of WR

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Deccan Express

The Water Resources Department has warned the Pune Metro that if the floodwaters are not removed even after the deadline, the Metro will be held responsible if floods occur during the monsoons. It has also been said that Metro will be held responsible if no legal action is taken in this regard. Meanwhile, the fill in the river basin is temporary and is removed before the monsoon, Metro claimed.

Metro work in Pune city has been going on for the last few years. Metro is currently working on a river basin. For this, a filing is being done by Mahometro near the office of the State Criminal Investigation Department near the confluence of Deccan premises and Mula Mutha. Filling is expected to take place considering the possibility of flooding in the rainy season. But even as May draws to a close, the Metro River basin has not been filled. Therefore, the Water Resources Department has instructed in a letter that these fillings should be removed immediately.

An inspection by Water Resources Department officials revealed that the fill was more than two meters high. This is likely to lead to flood-like conditions in the river basin. The letter also said that if there is a case before the green tribunal, it will be the responsibility of the metro.

Meanwhile, Hemant Sonawane, director and public relations officer of Mahometro, said that work in the river basin has to be done on a temporary basis. It is removed every year before the rains. It is discarded again after the rains have ended. This fill will be removed permanently once the Metro is completed. So far 80 percent of the filling has been removed. The remaining filler will be removed before June 15th.

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