Pune Crime News | Chaturshrungi police arrest palmist Raghunath Yemul, on his advised businessman torched wife

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Deccan Express| Pune Crime News : Spiritual Guru Raghunath Yemul has been arrested by Pune city police for allegedly advising businessman Ganesh alias Kedar Nanasaheb Gaikwad that his wife is an ill omen and causing hindrance to his political aspirations. Later Ganesh allegedly harassed his wife.

Raghunath who is also a palmist told the businessman that he cannot become an MLA and minister till she is there in his life. Police arrested Yemul (48), a resident of Baner, on Saturday.

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The woman had recently registered a case at Chatushrungi police station against eight persons including her husband Ganesh (36), father-in-law Nanasaheb Gaikwad (70), mother-in-law Nanda, and others.

The 27-year-old in her complaint told police that after Yemul’s advice, her husband and in-laws started harassing her. She was brutally harassed by various ways including she was given burn injuries with cigarette butts by her husband Ganesh and beaten by Gaikwad.

The complaint also mentioned that Yemul had given lemon to cast off her evil eye. They had put lemon with pins, kumkum outside the bedroom. Yemul had asked her husband to divorce her else his political career will not be successful.

The accused businessman is active in various businesses including real estate development, hospitality, and infrastructure projects.

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web title: Pune Crime News | Chaturshrungi police arrest palmist Raghunath Yemul, on his advised businessman torched wife

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