Pune Crime | Many investors cheated of Rs 12 crore after being lured to invest in Venky’s India’s fake portal

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Pune : Deccan Express Pune Crime | An incident has come to light wherein a fake website and YouTube channel of Venky’s India was started by using the logo and photo of the owner and many people were duped of Rs 12 crore after being lured to invest money. Rohan Ajay Bhagwat (32), a resident of Rasta Peth, has lodged a complaint at the Dattawadi police station on behalf of the company. (Pune Crime)


The police have registered a complaint against Moh Moshafi Wahid, Santosh Bhatu Yadav, Prem Biharilal Sahu, Ranjan Gurucharan Prasad Kumar and Parja Tech YouTube channel’s owner. The incident took place online from January 13 to January 24, 2022. According to the police, Venky’s India is the only reputed company involved in rearing animals. A website of the company Venky’sfarm . net and YouTube channel was started. The name of Venky’s, logo and the photo of the owner was used and people were urged to invest money in the company.


A bait was used that those investing in the company will get a certain
amount every week in their bank account. The money of the people was diverted to personal accounts and investors were cheated.
An advertisement of the company was shown on the YouTube channel
urging people to invest money and the image of the company was maligned.
Many people in Pune and other states invested money in the wallet on the
website thinking that the company, which is a reputed firm, was seeking investment from the people.
They started an inquiry after they did not get any returns.
The company came to know that some people were cheating many investors by using the company’s name.
During the initial investigation, the company came to
know that many people had been cheated of more than Rs 12 rore.


Police Inspector Vijay Khomne is investigating the case.

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