Pune Covid-19 : Case Fatality Rate depends on patient condition during hospitalisation

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Pune: According to a study by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) based on data from its internal app tracking, it has been found that the conditions of the patients being admitted to the hospital, proved to be a major factor in determining the case fatality rate (CFR).

The study shows that the CFR for those who do not need oxygen on admission was about 3 percent, and about 75 percent of patients needed a ventilator upon admission. The study also revealed that males had higher CFR than females.

The study was conducted based on data filled in by 70 city hospitals through its internal app tracking critical Covid-19 patients. The report suggests that around 4,644 admitted to the hospital were found critical, 901 died during a hospital stay. A total of 3,743 were discharged. The duration of the hospital stay averaged seven days. The study also concluded that hospital mortality is increasing from lower to higher age groups. Mortality was 4.1 percent in patients younger than 30 years of age but increased to 32.6 percent in patients aged 61 years or above.

The study also suggests that the early detection of COVID-19 and treatment is important factor in saving lives. People with kidney disease, epilepsy, mental disease, organ transplant, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure were considered as potential predictors of mortality.

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