Pune becomes one of the 50 Global Mayors Challenge Champion cities

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Deccan Express- Pune: Pune has emerged as one of the 50, Global Mayors Challenge Champion cities in 2021. Rourkela also made its way to the champion cities. It become one of the only two cities from the country.
The list of 50 champion cities announced by Bloomberg Philanthropies, a initiative by Mike Bloomberg that helps cities and city leaders reach their fullest potential by strengthening their leadership, innovation, data and collaboration skills.
Global Mayors Challenge Champion is a worldwide competition that encourages and spreads cities’ most promising ideas. This year’s Challenge focuses on elevating the most important innovations generated in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.
The finalists were elevated based on four criteria vision, the potential for impact, feasibility, and transferability. According to Bloomberg, Pune secured the position for building the foundation for an all-electric vehicle future.
The website mentions, “Among Indian cities, Pune has some of the highest rates of vehicle ownership, and vehicles contribute nearly 25 percent of particulate pollution in the city.
To increase the early adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), Pune proposes to prepare a city EV-readiness plan and establish an EV fund that incentivizes use.
This idea stands out because Pune is seen as a city at the vanguard of India’s National Smart Cities push and a hub for innovation. Success in Pune could allow solutions to scale across India and achieve broad impact.”
As quoted in the press release, Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies and 108th mayor of New York City said,
“These 50 finalists are showing the world that, in the face of the pandemic’s enormous challenges, cities are rising to meet them with bold, innovative, and ambitious ideas.
By helping these cities test their ideas over the coming months, we will have a chance to identify cutting-edge policies and programs.
This can allow cities to rebuild in ways that make them stronger and healthier, and more equal and more just.”

Pune, and Rourkela are finalists for the 50 Global Mayors Challenge. Out of these cities, 15 will win $1 million each to help them to implement their breakthrough ideas and, ultimately, to spread their ideas to other cities around the world.

A total 631 cities from 99 countries submitted their most promising ideas for consideration. Rourkela is another city that secures the position under Economic Recovery and Inclusive Growth.
Sharing about the city, the website mentions,
“In Rourkela, more than 700 registered street traders selling fruit and vegetables face a lack of proper storage facilities, and 30 percent of produce ends up being sold under value or wasted at the end of the trading day.
The city proposes providing women entrepreneurs access to both solar-powered, cold-storage units and to new electric-vehicle distribution options—reducing food waste and prolonging the window for produce to be sold.
Rourkela’s idea is compelling because it brings a gender-equity lens, as the majority of vendors are female, and is envisioned to be managed entirely by women federations across the city.



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